That’s going to be easy. First you prepare the strawberries. Pick 5 or 6 that are pretty enough and cut them in 4 or 5 pieces: what you’ll be doing with them is place them narrow-side up around a glass. ¬†Dice a few more if you want little strawberry bites in your cream, and juice the rest with a tablespoon of sugar in your blender. Pour one tablespoon of the resulting strawberry sauce in the bottom of the glass, along with the strawberry slices.

Now, the cream. Whisk the egg yolks and the sugar¬†thoroughly. Add in the mascarpone, making sure no lumps are left. Now, beat you egg whites into stiff peaks, and fold them into the mascarpone mixture. You’ll have to admit that was pretty easy, and hard to do wrong. Even for you.

Now, pour about two tablespoons of this cream over the sauce and slices in each glass. Crumble some of the waffle biscuits over it, adding some sauce if you feel like it and repeat the layering until all your bases are belong to us (or ingredients run out).

Let it set in the fridge for at least 4 hours (overnight being best, the one pictured below did’t have enough time). Serve with some more waffle biscuits and heavy metal in the background.



Best served with:

I find red tea to be a nice companion to that, as it's not too bitter, not too strong in taste but just enough of both to reset your palate before taking another spoon.