Pre-heat your oven at 175°

Mix all the powders together, including the spices. If you feel like adding grounded walnuts (because you might have that kind of crazy impulses), go for it.
In a sauce pan, warm the caramel, the honey and the milk to mix them together smoothly. It should never boil or be anything more than relatively warm.
Pour the liquid into the dry mix, adding the eggs and oil. Stir until you get a smooth and runny golden-brown batter.
Prepare two buttered loaf pans, and pour the batter equally into them.

Bake at 175° for 1 hour. If you can stick a toothpick in there and it comes out clean, then it’s ready. Shake them a little too, if the cakes look like they’re baked but are wobbling like two slugs, then it’s not your time yet.

I wish I could put a sample of the smell of the gingerbread while it bakes in this post, unfortunately I can’t. I’ll just say it’s maddening. In a good way.



Best served with:

You can't spoil this. I particularly love to eat it dipped in a warm, chocolate and honey milk. Yeah it's not good for the body, but damn it if it isn't good for the soul.

  • Emilie

    J’en veux une part. Moi j’arrive à sentir l’odeur en plus. Miam.

  • You, my friend, are making this for me once I’m in your city. Aye? Please?

  • Pimpao

    I just tasted it, it is delicious. I can feel the need for more growing.

    My taste buds praise you fondly.

  • Very beautiful cake !