This is pretty straightforward. Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Mix the warm water, yeast and butter together, then pour over the flour, sugar and baking powder mixture.

Knead until you get an elastic, not too sticky dough. Let it rise for one, two or three hours, it needs to double in size at least. Use that time to prepare 12 squares of sulfurised paper, make them about 7 by 7cm.

When it’s done, prepare your steam cooker. Make a roll with the dough, and cut 12 pieces off it, making little balls out of these.

When the steam is blazing hot, flatten the balls, pour 1 teaspoon of jam inside, fold the sides over the jam, and seal the newly-formed ball with a pinching and twisting gesture. Place the balls face down on the sulfurised paper.

Steam them four by four if you can, for about 10 minutes, then enjoy while it’s warm.

Baozis keep well enough in an air-thight container. You just have to steam them again right before serving.


Best served with:

It's not too cliché to say "green tea" here. The bitterness of the green tea goes well with the sweetness and softness of the steamed buns.