Mix the warm water and the yeast together. Add the granulated sugar and let it rest for a while. If you’re using the budding kind of yeast, let it forth for 10 minutes until it smells like a men’s locker room and looks like a freshly served German beer.

Pour 300gr of flour in a large bowl. Add in the smaller portion of soft butter and the eggs. Mix well, adding the water and yeast little by little. Once that’s done, pour the remaining 200gr of melted butter. Let the resulting batter rest for a while.  15 minutes later, you can sift the remaining flour.

Let the dough rise for at least an hour.

Preheat your waffle maker. Once it’s piping hot, pour the pearl sugar and stir gently. Using an ice scream scoop, form generous balls of dough and start making waffles!

Don’t let it cook too much, the whole point of the pearl sugar is to caramelise the outer shell of these treats. So you’ll have to be careful, and to clean the waffle maker’s plates every now and then with paper tissue so that the caramel doesn’t get burnt.

Well that’s it then, enjoy now!



Best served with:

I find them good with lemonade, but since they can be a bit stuffy, dipping them in warm milk or coffee (or both) can make a real difference.

  • Yum – these look super delicious and indulgent. I love Belgian waffles but have never tried making them myself. Thanks for sharing!

  • fromeverydaytogourmet

    Sorry, if I’m mistaken but I don’t see an amount for the milk…these sound so good!

    • you’re right, my bad : About half a cup would do, if I remember correctly…

  • This looks amaaaazing! 🙂