Preheat your oven at 160°.

Put the dried nuts on a baking tray, and let them dry in the oven for a while, do check them out, they must not burn.

Let’s start with the main attraction. Put the honey, sugar and water in a sauce pan. Put your egg white in a separate container and get ready to whisk it into shape.

Put the heat under the pan. Slowly but surely, bring the honey and sugar mixture to a boiling 143°. No more, no less, be extremely careful, stir very often, don’t put your fingers in there, don’t put it in your nose either. God, you are disgusting. Remember your dried nuts, no pun intended.

When it reaches about 110°C, beat the egg into solid snow. When the honey syrup is ready, start pouring it over the snow white egg, slowly, but keep whisking. The heat and liquid will change the texture, but that’s fine.

When that’s done, pour the resulting batter in a clean sauce pan. Prepare a bain-maire (a large pan full of boiling water in which you can plunge the smaller pan full of the batter) and start heating the mixture. The aim is to chase any remaining humidity from it. If you don’t, the nougat will be too soft, it might not even solidify at all.

Stir thoroughly for about eight to 10 minutes. Ideally, if you get a drop of that batter out of the pan and let it cool down, it should start to solidify within minutes. If it does, you’re good to go. Put the dried nuts in it before it solidifies too much, stir well.

Get a medium, square or rectangle baking pan with tall edges and line it with sulfurised paper. Pour the batter in, flatten it with a wooden spoon. Let it dry and cool down for 2 hours, in or out of the fridge, doesn’t matter unless you live in a warm place (I pity you).

It should be solid and yet slightly tender to the touch, sticky but not enough to stick to the finger. Get the nougat on the table, and get a knife ready. Cut the treat in bite-sized (or two-bites-sized) pieces. This will be easier if you warm the blade using hot water, but still, it should be manageable even for you. These pieces will stick together though, so you might want to wrap them individually in cellophane paper or whatnot.

No, you can’t eat it all in one go, your liver would explode. This is a fact. Enjoy, anyway. You deserved it.


Best served with:

Frozen nougat is served with red fruit sauce, so I don't know why this wouldn't. If you need a drink, go with something tangy rather than sweet.