Preheat your oven at 180°.

Get the sweets out of their wrappers. If you can’t find carambars, I suggest you use hard toffee, or soft, or whatever caramel-based sweet you can get your dirty hands on.

Warm the milk (don’t let it boil) and throw the carambars in. Let it melt, stirring constantly and keeping the heat low: you don’t want the milk to boil or to stick to the pan.

Once completely melted, keep the resulting sauce aside and let it cool a bit. In a bowl, mix the sugar and butter. Add the flour, baking powder and then the eggs. Yes, it’s weird, but it works.

Now add the carambar sauce, stir, put a finger in it, put it into your mouth and say “mmmh.” Don’t do it in a sexy way, that’d be weird. Pour the batter in individual molds you’ll have made sure won’t stick.

Pop that in the oven for 15 minutes. Tada.


Best served with:

Milk, and a little bit more of that carambar sauce you now can make at will. You can use some with more carambar than milk to do a mock glazing.