Let’s start with the caramel, shall we? Put the water, sugar and butter in a pan, and put said pan above a medium fire. Bring to a boil, and let it boil gently for about 30 minutes. Do NOT stir the caramel, do not touch it, do not aven think about it. If it boils too much, you can reduce the flame, but don’t touch the caramel. You’re not worthy anyway.

When the 30 minutes are past and the mix has gotten golden brown (am I telling you what caramel should look like? I think I am), take the pan out of the heat and, while whipping it like a maniac, pour in from 10cl to 20cl of liquid cream, depending on how thick or liquid you want the caramel to be. For the purpose of the gelato, I’d say go for 17cl. Let the mixture cool down.

Now that we’re done with the caramel, let’s prepare those meringues. It’s easy to make if you’ve got an electric whip kind of thing. If you don’t, then it’s time for sport. Whisk your egg whites into snow then, still beating, add in the sugar, carefully and ever so gently.

Here you can be creative for all I care. You’ll need two generously-sized meringues for the ice-cream, and you can make them with a spoon, but with the remaining batter you could use a piping pouch and make something fancy. Whatever you choose, put it all on a non-stick baking tray, and bake for 45minutes at 125°. If they do not seem ready by then, turn the oven off but let the meringues in for a while.

Now, you’ve got two big meringues, crunchy as hell, and at least 40cl of caramel. Good. It’s time to tackle the gelato.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks and beat them into snow, again. Yes, your arm hurts, you’d better buy a machine for next time. Mix the sugar and the egg yolks.

Now you’ll really need a machine. Make sure your liquid cream is really really cold. Pour it into a large bowl. Start whisking. Whisk like your life depends on it. Whisk like there’s no tomorrow. Whisk like you mean it Whisk, dear god, whisk for your soul. Then, tadaaaa, chantilly! Yeah, whipped cream, whatever. Congratulations, you poor soul without proper equipment, your arms are now as big as Roger Federer’s.

Pour the snow white eggs into the yolk and sugar mix, and mix gently. Add in the whipped cream, also very gently. You want your gelato to be airy, light, full of air bubbles and contempt for the middle class.

Now, you can either use silicone shapes like those muffin molds or ditch the fancy theme and go for a regular bowl. Either way, it’s time to layer. Pour some of the gelato mix, then crumbles of meringue, then some caramel, then gelato again and so on. Do make sure the last layer is gelato, of course.

Put the resulting wonder in the freezer for at least 6 hours. Get it out 10 minutes before serving. Congratulations dear, you’ve made gelato.



Best served with:

I would like to serve them with a slice of toasted gingerbread as I think they would compliment one another pretty well. Coffee, too, would work.

  • Daffyl

    I don’t have a whisk, but can my whip be of any use for this ?

    • Yes, you can force any man / woman to do it for you.