Well this is extremely simple so you won’t even be able to screw it up. Preheat that oven of yours at 150°C.

In a bowl, mix honey and oil together. Pour the solid ingredients on top of it. Fold it all together until you can’t find any large drops of honey and oil laying around – you should be making sure every little bit of oat is coated in sugary goodness.

Now, you may want to have “chunks” in the resulting granola. That’s ok. You can add a bit more sugar and oil, it’ll make the mixture more damp and thus more susceptible to stick.

Lay it all flat on a baking sheet you’ll have lined with non-stick paper. You can press it down a bit, maximizing the chance of chunks. Bake for at least one hour, mixing it up every 15 minutes until the whole batch gets that golden brown color.

before the last 15 minutes interval, add in the sultanas. They won’t dry up too much that way.

Alright, so this won’t be crunchy straight out of the oven, let it cool down, have a walk and there you go. Crunchy, not-too-sweet goodness.

Now you dirty hipster, get off my lawn.


Best served with:

That's easy. Put some in your greek yogurt, or pour a little bit of milk on top, you can't really go wrong. Almond milk would be a nice touch.