Prepare a bain-marie. Once again, that is a lager container full of boiling water in which you plunge another smaller container used to softly cook fragile ingredients.

In the smaller container (I use two saucepans, personally), pour sugar, eggs and lemon juice. Whisking constantly, let it thicken. The longer you let it take, the thicker your final lemon curd. I’d say go for 30 minutes and you’ll be fine.

Taking the saucepan out of the bain-marie, add the diced butter and lemon zest to the preparation, always whisking thoroughly.

Once that’s done, you’ll just have to let it cool down. The curd will then solidify, so pour it down in any jar you have saved for such a noble purpose. It keeps well in the fridge, over a week at least.


Best served with:

I met a guy in London that would stir some in his coffee every morning. If you're regular like me, you'll want it served with scones and tea.