Separate the egg whites the day before.

Mix and sift the confectionery sugar and the almond powder together.

Using a mechanical whisk, beat the whites into as solid a snow you can get. In the meantime if you can, bring the sugary water to a boil, until it reaches 110°C. Pour it in the whites. Add in food coloring if you want to go all girly.

Pour the almond and sugar mix over the eggs, and fold it carefully until well blended, but not too liquid. Pour the mixture in a piping bag with a medium round tip.

Prepare an even number of dome-shaped shells on a lined baking tray. You might want to slam down your baking tray to even the domes a bit and get the air out of the shells (I didn’t, hence the shape). Let them sit for about an hour, it’ll make the outer shells a bit more firm and smooth once baked.

Use that time to prepare the ganache, and preheat your oven at 150°C.. Nothing easier: pour the boiling cream over the chocolate broken in pieces. Mix until smooth, and add the diced butter, stirring thoroughly without adding air to the blend.

Now it’s time to bake. 12 minutes at 150°C will do, let the shells cool down and sort them out in pairs of the same size. Like your socks.

Assemble! Don’t make me tell you how it’s done, it would be shameful.


Best served with:

They're macarons, so you're stuck with drinking fancy stuff like champagne or that crap. I like to down them like vulgar cookies in a glass of cold milk though, but I'm a savage.