So this one is going to ruin your weekend anyway. Start with the dough. The butter must be “pommade”, as in creamy but not melted. Some people pretend there’s method to be had here, as in put the flour on the table, make a well, put the egg, sugar and butter in the middle and progressively mix the liquids and solids. I say put it all in the pastry mixer with the bread hook and let it be. Wrap the resulting crumbly ball into cellophane and let it sit one night in the fridge.

You may want to make the purée one night early as well, because it enables you to let the peaches’ juice to drain for longer. You’ll just have to skin them if you went with fresh peaches, dice them generously (they need to give you something to bite in when in the almond cream) and toss them in a pan with the sugar and vanilla. 10 minutes of light coating will be enough. Strain them overnight if you can, or simply remove the excess syrup in the morning.

Now, before you start working on the almond cream, prepare your pie pan. I used a cheesecake pan with removable sides, because I’m evil that way, but do your thing. You’ll have to roll the dough into a sheet about 5-8mm thick, and ease it into the pan. Remove excess dough on the side but keep it, you can make thin slices of it and use them to decorate the pie. Punch a fork through the floor to keep it from rising, and I personally add a bit of confectioner sugar on top to help absorb some of the peaches’s juices. Let it set in the fridge for at least an hour.

Now you can start making the cream. Put the butter, which again must be “pommade” and the sugar in a bowl, and work it with a spatula. Do not overwork it: the more you add air to the mix, the more it’ll rise when baking. Once the butter and sugar are mixed, add the almond cream, then the eggs and the cream.

Take the pie pan out of the fridge. Layer the peaches on the dough, and pour the cream over it. Dispose your remaining lines of dough on top for decoration, and let the thing set in the fridge for 30mintes to 1hour.

Pre-heat your oven at 180°C, and bake for 45 minutes. The dough must be a dark shade of golden, and the cream’s top a bit crusty and nicely brown. Let it cool down, enjoy. Now go clean the kitchen, you monster.


Best served with:

This is a bit sweet, so some bitterness could do. A coarse tea or a nice cappuccino, maybe?